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Mimic is an Open Source project, with Creative Commons BY-NC-SA by DAM Bros Robotics.
4°Bt and 4°E classes of ISIS “FERRARIS BUCCINI” in Marcianise (CE) have realized a prototype within the work-related learning (Alternanza Scuola Lavoro), in collaboration with DAM BROS ROBOTICS.
The prototype allows to capture body movements using everyday life materials and easy, economic technologies.
These digitalized data can be employed to control humanoid robots virtual reality models and to interact with complex systems.
System functioning
An exoskeleton equipped with an enhancement network transforms upper limbs movement of the one who is wearing it in resistance variations.
These variations are converted in angles and send to the external world through a Bluetooth connection.
Angles generated by the exoskeleton are employed to move a small humanoid robot, realized with servomotors positioned on the limbs of which mimics the movements.
The control circuit has been realized with Arduino MEGA circuit and the device management code has been realized with IDE Arduino.
Exoskeleton components
Exoskeleton’s joints have been designed and printed in 3D.
Joints links are realized with PVC tubes for electrical conduits.
An exoskeleton control graphic interface receives data from USB access, visualizes them on the PC screen and allows its saving.
The system can constitute a passive support to the rehabilitation of upper limbs of patients, providing an instantaneous visual support of therapy progress, other than providing a results history.


ISIS "FERRARIS - BUCCINI" di Marcianise (CE), classi 4°E e 4°Bt

Students who have followed the lessons of educational Robotics are 30 and they all were attending the fourth year of our school. They showed a great interest in this discipline and they enjoyed doing laboratory activities.
Thanks to their commitment they have strengthened their knowledge and have developed many skills in the field of Electronics.

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