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Data Logger Barometrico
Data Logger Barometrico

Data Logger Barometrico

The Barometric Data Logger is an IoT system (Internet Of Things system) based on Arduino MKR 1000 combined with sensors and modules that points out , processes, displays and sends data relating to the following physics measurements to a cloud: date, time, atmospheric pressure, altitude, photovoltaic panel voltage, brightness, temperature, humidity, dew temperature, heat index. Arduino MKR1000 through a software stored inside it manages the functions of the connected modules / sensors:

BMP280: Atmospheric pressure, ambient temperature and altitude.
DHT22: temperature, environment and humidity.
panel: produced voltage.
RTC: date and time.
LDR: luminosity.
DISPLAY: data display.
WiFi: Internet connection.
An algorithm determines the average temperature (mean between BMP and DHT22), the dew and the heat index. Data processed locally are sent, with a 15-second interval, to a local access point and via the Internet to the thinkspeak cloud where a public account has been created for subsequent reprocessing (graphs, statistics, online diffusion). Through the following link it is possible to consult the data: https: // thingspeak .com/channels/403507. If you want to use your mobile or tablet you have to download an App “ThingSpeak viewer, for example ThingView and configurate it with the 403507 channel.
Link: http://www.ipsiaplcarduinolab.altervista.org/index.php/arduino/as-2017-2018/76-data-logger-barometrico
User: ipsia - password: esame

Data Logger Barometrico

5A IPAI - IPSIA "Antonio Guastaferro" San Benedetto del Tronto (AP)

Class: 5A IPAI - IPSIA "Antonio Guastaferro"
address “Maintenance and technical assistance” - Option “Industrial and civil equipment, installations and technical services”
Group: Alunni: Lallouhmi Omar - Sardi Emanuele - Evangelisti Massimo
Thesis of 2017-2018 State Examination

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