Exhibitors 2018


The "ElectricSave" is the new rescue boat that will replace the current ones. It is equipped with two electric motors inside the wheels in the aft part of the tubulars. These ensure movement in both water and on the shore without, in addition, ensure the safety of swimmers in the event of impact the vehicle. The movement takes place via a joystick located on an adjustable arm to the side of the compartment where the batteries and the first aid kit are contained. In addition it is equipped with a folding top to lower a stretcher through the tracks and a winch to recover the unfortunates.


FITH S.r.l.s.

The company was founded with the aim of designing and creating innovative products, so this project we consider interesting to solve one of the many problems present in all airports in the world

  H16 (pav. 5) - FITH

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