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GLAYS are glasses for people with visual disabilities designed to fill the gaps in the traditional tools or in any other aids (such as guide dogs, etc…).
In the basic version GLAYS are equipped with four sensors (two in the front and two on the side) capable to identify any obstacle around the person that wears them.
An intermediate and a complete version are also available.
Compared with the basic version, in addition to acoustic warning devices and trembler sensors, the intermediate version is equipped also with a wireless earpiece to alert persons with voice warnings in the event of dangerous situations.
The complete version has in addition two sensors to be put on the shoes, that help the disabled to detect the presence of ice and water on the ground.


Classi 3A, 3B, 3C dell'Istituto Calamatta di Civitavecchia

Our working group consists of young students of different school types and levels from the Institute “Luigi Calamatta” in Civitavecchia.
We worked together to develop our idea in order to help people with visual disabilities

  B14 (pav. 9)
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