Exhibitors 2018



Ombre-ON is the project of an automatic umbrella, that opens as petals of a flower, from the bottom
to the top and it closes inside its cylindrical skeleton using sophisticated electrically-operated kinematics.


II° anno ITS Meccatronico Veneto sede di Treviso. Gruppo Ombre-ON.

The group is formed by 6 components:
- Riccardo Villanova: group leader and mechanical designer. Its tasks are: the mechanical study and develop of the project, its coordination, the solid modeling and the following graphic representation with dimensions.
- Marco Merotto: assigned to the wiring of the peripherals of the electric board and second electric designer. Its tasks are: costs analysis and mechanical part assembly
- Andrea Dal Cin: co designer and machine tool operator. Its tasks concern the most precisely and important processing, as respecting the tolerancing of the pieces and related finishing.
- Francesco Beraldo: warehouse worker and electric designer. Its tasks are: arrangement of the drawing, electrical design of the electric board for the
project movements.
- Nicole Vendramini: person in charge of purchases and quotation Its tasks are: management of quotation of several factory and then purchasing of items
- Shguni Rigert: co assembly worker and co machine tool operator Its tasks are roughing pieces and preparing them for the finishing

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