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LighShot is a modular wireless target system developed for shooting range game and dynamic shooting environment.

A variable quantity of target, battery powered, is placed on the game field, signing itself on the master device, composing the shooting game setup.
The player choose the game mode and start the game.
The targets are pull up and shoot down by the master device and the player’s bullets and the master device register and show the status and the result of the game.

The devices use a esp8266 micro controller, ws2812 leds, sg90 microservo and arduino-based software.
The target and the master device shells are self-designed and made with wood and plexiglas laser cutted.


Fabrizio Alberton

Fabrizio Alberton was born in Rome on January 8, 1982.

DotNet Analyst programmer, Arduino hobbyist, CAD and raster graphic designer and expert in making scavenger hunts, puzzles, riddles and brain teasers.

He inherited his first basic computer knowledge from his father, which he enhanced across the various computer generations, from Commodore 64 to modern PCs, in the fields of gaming, computer graphics, and operating systems (MS Windows).

After technical studies, he left the university studies to devote himself to the study of computer science as a self-taught.

The first work commitments move him to another part of computer science: software programming on Microsoft DotNet.

2004-2016 He participates in various enterprise projects for his employer companies, first as a developer and then as an analyst and project manager.

1999-2016 Realization of various graphic works (flyers, posters, etc.) for commercial establishments, private events, political movements.

2006 he realizes VGEXPO, a semi-touchscreen display for retail videogames advertising and selection in specialized shops, directly accessible by customers.

2011-2016 he approaches the Arduino world by realizing VICHI, a home automation project with voice control, which blends the best of DotNet and Arduino technology.

2012-2014 He creates the project Cacce al Tesoro (“Treasure Hunts in Rome”) (www.caccealtesoro.it), with the public event “Gli Angeli Del Borgo” (“The Borgo’s Angels”) to promote the Kapipal campaign for the realization of eight scavenger hunts in Rome, then converted to a team building and private entertainment project.

In 2013 he brings the F&F Design project in local craft fairs, creating hand-modeled aluminum lamps with LED RGB IR and canvas prints of original graphics and texts within the project Thoughts and Words.

In 2015 he founds the MakerArt logo as a craft project for the creation of jewelery and three-dimensional objects designed in 3D CAD, and manufa

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