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Il Girantenna
Il Girantenna

Il Girantenna

Many of us maybe doesn't know what Wireless Mesh Networks are, but they surely have already used one... maybe they're using it right now!
WMN are everywhere: in public spaces, in supermarkets, at the university, in business companies ecc. Even satellites are using them!
Nowadays there are hundreds of projects, called Wireless Community Networks, based on this technology, which are helping people all around the world fighting the digital divide. Just think that in Europe, the 20% of population have never used the Internet in all their lives. We are one of those projects, and this is the reason why the Turnantenna was born: We want to fight digital divide, together!

The Turnantenna is a multi-axis turning antenna, that will make WMN more reliable, high-performing and cheaper to maintain. Now, with a simple click on the mouse, you can guarantee a perfect match between your antennas, and reach the best performance... all the time you want.
The Turnantenna is "green", and is design to provide the best result with the minimum power.

Come discover our open source project. We would love to share all the details on our work, and hear your opinion.

Il Girantenna

Marco Musumeci

Marco Musumeci is a young mechanical engineer, with a strong passion for new technologies. He met the 3D printing the last year, and since that time he never stopped testing and studying additive manufacturing.
Marco is an active member of Ninux in Florence, and is working on several projects regarding IoT, 3D printing, mechanical design and web design.

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