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Making Water Techs 4.0
Making Water Techs 4.0

Making Water Techs 4.0

The innovative platforms, designed and assembled during the extra-curricular course organized by the Istituto Massimo, offer a possible answer to the problem for which the UN set up the world water day: 1.8 billion people in the world drink contaminated water and 800 children they die every day from intestinal diseases.
The main objective of the project is: develop a new platform built with recyclable materials that, driven by sailboats, can analyze the quality of water to define and monitor the level of pollution, know and apply new technologies to water monitoring.
The innovative platforms was built from 10 years old: no geniuses but students who want to have fun
The project aims to make young people use the new water monitoring technologies, which allow the analysis of parameters such as: temperature, conductivity, PH and turbidity and is part of the study of "low technologies" (simple technologies for low investment) for digital monitoring through Internet of Things solutions applied directly to the water (sensors, GPS, data-analytics software, smartphones) to know real-time water health status.
The didactic and training projects organized by the Istituto Massimo, wish to support and promote the development and dissemination of Appropriate Open Source Technology for health, education and sustainable development.
As we have involved the students, we want to involve practically, as in our previous participations, also the visitors with activities of assembly and proof of our projects, putting them to work, organizing timed challenges.

Making Water Techs 4.0

Istituto Massimo, alunni della scuola secondaria di primo e secondo grado, team dei corsi Makingopen composto da genitori e docenti della scuola.

About 30 students of the middle school (10-14 years old) and secondary school (14-17 years old) took part in the project, led by Ing. Claudio Becchetti with volunteers from various sectors: industry, school, university, medicine and entrepreneurship.
Making Water Techs 4.0 is a team of professional volunteers devoting their free time to organize advanced free open source courses (Makingopen.net) related to hi-tec humanitarian projects. The team is based in the Istituto M. Massimo school of the Jesuit fathers in Rome.
Example of courses are Making Drones (60 students building their own professional drone achieving world record of maximum number of flying drones driven by kids). Making 3D Printers with 69 students (8-15 years old) building their 70 pieces 3d printer. Crowd4Africa: 15 students between the age of 15 and 17 organizing a winning crowdfunding campaign to donate two mini fab to African hospitals within this project a novel method to create prosthetics from bottle caps and no industrials devices has been designed.

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