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Lab 4.0
Lab 4.0

Lab 4.0

The potential of software, artisan and industrial automation, intelligent objects, innovative marketing and robotic processes for the primary sector are just some areas that will soon be overwhelmed by innovation.

After the great success achieved last December with the Vitruvian Game flight simulator we want to present a series of practical and innovative workshops that will allow participants to accelerate the learning process on these new areas, in particular:

- Industry 4.0 - software solutions for total integration between cloud and machines - monitoring and managing a company's automation from a single command center via the OPC-UA protocol

- AI (artificial intelligence) - intelligent vision systems for the IoT: Movidius and the new Up Square by Intel, the eyes of the internet of things

– IoT (Internet of Things) – electronic boards as Arduino, Raspberry, Onion…

- Blockchain, Bitcoin protocol, mining and Lightning Network: let's learn how to trade.

Lab 4.0

Lab Network Srl

Lab Network is a company that helps companies to innovate products and processes through the concurrent competence of digital laboratories, exploiting the potential of modern digital tools.

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