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Phyrtual InnovationGym

The fablab enters the classroom! Training courses in schools throughout Italy aimed at creating products designed for children. Problem solving, team building, experimental design are some of the aspects dealt with, together with the three-dimensional design and rapid prototyping up to the communication of your idea. All this thanks to Fablab, which becomes an integral part of 4.0 teaching, which is able to develop life skills to face the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Phyrtual InnovationGym

Phyrtual Innovation Gym

The Phyrtual Innovation Gym is a physical-virtual environment for innovation and education for life. It is a gym for experiential learning and the practice of innovation in all its expressions: technological, social and civic innovation. It is a space open to the territory, to the world of schools, to businesses, to universities, which has as its heart the young. It is a meeting place between old and new professions where the language of manufacture (traditional and digital), experimentation and creativity are spoken to stimulate professional growth, self-entrepreneurship and exercise the skills of the 21st century.

  I10 (pav. 8) - Fondazione Mondo Digitale

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