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OpenHAB Control Panel
OpenHAB Control Panel

OpenHAB Control Panel

The first control panel that combines the ease of use of the Raspberry Pi environment with the reliability of a system designed with industrial criteria.
The thickness (<20mm) allows easy integration in both domestic and industrial environments.
The pre-installed software can be used both for integration with an existing home / building automation environment and as a stand alone control center with the OpenHAB environment. Many of the most common devices interfaced via WiFi (Sonoff, Broadlink RM, IKEA Trådfri, Netatmo, etc.) as well as the internet services available (weather forecast, Telegram, etc.), are already installed and configured in the distribution provided with lots of examples of use , documentation and direct support.

OpenHAB Control Panel

Guido Ottaviani

Author, hardware designer, developer for electronics-firmware-robotics.
He deals with electronic design and embedded system firmware for Robotics, industrial and civil applications, as well as technical disclosure on the internet.

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