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Air SelfControl
Air SelfControl

Air SelfControl

Process for the creation of control units for two air quality measurement networks in a participated form
The first network concerns the continuous monitoring of the health status of the school rooms of the Valdichiana IIS in Chiusi (SI). The main parameter is CO2 detection. In fact, widely shared studies, by the scientific community, relate the reduction of attention with the excessive presence of CO2 in the premises where the didactic activity takes place.
The second detection network concerns the monitoring of fine particles in the urban environment.

Air SelfControl

"Gruppo AULA PULITA" Istituto Istruzione Secondaria Valdichiana di Chiusi / Ass. "Innovazione Locale"

The group is made up of students from different courses of study and age, integrated with citizens of the area, all interested in environmental issues and technologies

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