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La cassaforte
La cassaforte

La cassaforte

A safe whose opening has been made with the Arduino Uno card commanded by the NAO robot after facial recognition of the person.
To make the safe we have used an LCD display, the KeyPad, a proximity sensor, a servomotor, the Arduino one card and a wireless card to make a connection to the NAO robot.
The safe includes a PIN code for the opening by a keypad and, if the code is forgotten (a solution especially designed for the elderly), the safe opening is controlled by the NAO robot thanks to the facial recognition.
The implementation of the solution involves the writing of sketches for Arduino and the use of python and Choreographe to program the NAO robot.

La cassaforte

Squadra TIGRI, Istituto Polispecialistico "San Paolo" di Sorrento

Team composed of eight students from the fourth classes of the Sorrento San Paolo Institute, economic technical address with articulation in corporate information systems. Within the group each boy has had a specific role, from the photographer to the social worker, through the computer technician, the economic technician, the graphic designer, the web marketing, the handyman, as documented in the video at the following link

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