Exhibitors 2018



Cubotto is the new game for children that stimulates and enhances their memory.
An innovative way to let children from 3 to 6 years old quickly memorize spatial combinations with colored cubes. Cubotto stimulates the mental abilities of children in preschool age by learning to let them know real distances between assigned points.
The game tests the skills of children who can challenge each other and have fun together enhancing the educational experience.


Daniele Asperges, Matteo Canciani, Giovanni Carone, Stefano Patiti, Francesca Ricci

We are a group of students in the second year of the Product Design course at the European Institute of Design in Milan.
Daniele, 22 years from Vimodrone (MI)
Matteo, 21 years old from Milan (MI)
Giovanni, 24 years old from Bari (BA)
Francesca, 21 years old from Lugo (RA)
Stefano, 21 years old from Perugia (PG)

  C18 (pav. 7)
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