Exhibitors 2018

M4M Domotics

Our school is pushing forwards a bunch of projects to reproduce in scale a cyber-physical space, inspired by the Industry 4.0, to think about challenges of next future. We are presenting a domotics system composed by an ACME CM3-Panel based on Raspberry PI 3 Compute Module and programmed in HTML5+NodeRED; a number of smart devices from katodo.com, Sonoff and SDM Electronics to control shutters and lights; an Oculus Rift to visualize house states with an immersive experience. At the exhibition we will present our curriculum for home automation expert.


M4M Domotics

IIS G.Marconi Civitavecchia, M4M Domotics

Our group is composed of students and teachers of several classes of the last three years of the IT address of our institute. The group was formed during last year's alternation activities and gradually expanded and consolidated, including various skills, among which computer science, networks, electronics and recently computer graphics.

  B3 (pav. 9) - IIS G. Marconi di Civitavecchia (RM)

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