Exhibitors 2018


Mario is a robot designed to help the elderly at home. Thanks to a camera with sensors it can control the house autonomously and search dangers or forgetfulnesses and it warns you by recognizing the preset imagesand. In the same way it can go in search of objects. It's also connected to a user-friendly smartphone application that allows it to interact with people through voice commands: in this way it can remember appointments, birthdays or schedules of medicines. Its particular flat surface allow us to bring objects following pre-established routes. It can also entertain you by singing a song


M.A.R.I.O. Team. ( Michela Andreotti, Alessia Di Domenico, Andrea Ripiccini, Irene Marucci, Oriana Iannotti.) Scuola: Liceo Scientifico Sandro Pertini Ladispoli. Classe 5B

Our team consists of five students from the scientific High School Sandro Pertini of Ladispoli (Michela Andreotti, Alessia Di Domenico, Ripiccini Andrea, Irene Marucci, Oriana Iannotti). We started activities related to robotics and innovation in June 2017, when we participated in a short project for the School-Work Alternation on robot programming at the Department of Information Engineering of La Sapienza in Rome (DIAG). There, from November of the same year, we were involved in the project "Construction and programming of social robots" that allowed us to create an intelligent robot that can assist the elderly (MARIO). With this robot we participated in the RomeCup event in April 2018 in the NONNIBOT contest and we won the first prize in the Technical Category. In May of the same year two girls of the team (Alessia Di Domenico and Michela Andreotti) won the individual award and they participated in the European RoboCup Junior Championship (EURCJ) in the contest @HomeEducation, winning the first prize

  B5 (pav. 9) - Liceo Sandro Pertini - Ladispoli (RM)

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