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"DeeBee.it - Innovazione e Diabete"

Think of a diabetic child with continuous hypoglycemic crises. How can he go to school without continuous blood glucose testing? If once it was not possible, today it is and is within everyone's reach thanks to a revolutionary project. For example, dad at the office and with his daughter (diabetic) at the nursery, can now see real-time blood sugar values on his smartwatch, and on his PC. And intervene, calling the institute and saying to administer sugar in hypoglycaemic case. Without this technology, he couldn't work and would have to stay at home with her daughter (and no nursery...)

DeeBee Italia

Fabrizio Casellato, born in 1975, is the Chairman of DeeBee Italia.
Graduated in Computer Science with top marks. He is the father of Lara and Melissa (diabetic), and his mission is to design technological solutions that make life easier for children and their parents.

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