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Human-assisted Robotics

Human-assisted Robotics

Robots are fast, precise and reliable, but also very stupid. However, luckily humans can help them performing their tasks. The goal of our demos (and of our research) is to increase the robot autonomy as mush as possible, but to also include human operators in the loop for "filling the gaps" of the often low robot intelligence and adaptability to new situations. We will show how a human operator can command in simple ways complex robotic systems (a dual-arm setup, a group of mobile robots), while also receiving visual and force feedback cues to help understanding what the robots are doing.

Human-assisted Robotics

Rainbow team

The Rainbow team is a joint Inria/IRISA Project-Team in partnership with CNRS, Université de Rennes 1, and Insa of Rennes.

The long-term vision of the Rainbow team is to develop the next generation of sensor-based robots able to navigate and/or interact in complex unstructured environments together with human users.

We aim at tackling these general scientific challenges:

- high-level of autonomy for complex robots in complex (unstructured) environments;
- forward interfaces for letting an operator giving high-level commands to the robots in simple ways;
- backward interfaces for informing the operator about the robot ‘status’;
- user studies for assessing the best interfacing depending on the particular task/situation.

The applications targeted by research activities involve:

- remote manipulation with single/multiple arms under the guidance of a human operator
- coordination of single/multiple mobile robots for spatial navigation tasks (e.g., exploration, navigation, mapping)
- medical robotics for semi-autonomous probing and intervention
- assistive mobility devices for frail or impaired people

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