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Garden Patrol
Garden Patrol

Garden Patrol

This AGV is based on GNSS RTK technology (hi-accuracy GPS system). Basically It's designed for the gardening. Via mobile APP you can teach the track easily. It can mow the grass of your garden or, with an easy plug and play module it can remove the snow from your house walkway or garden.
Unlike the commercial gardening Autonomous Guided Vehicle, this device is a complete wireless rover, for this reason no digging works are required for the installation. Therefore final user can teach the tracks each time he needs. Easy to install, easy to drive, easy to change modules and track, the perfect lawnmower is here!

Garden Patrol

Gruppo 7 ITS Meccatronico Vicenza

Paolo Collostide (Android APP developer)
Giacomo Falchetto (Mechanical designer)
Michele Pesavento (Chief realization part, mechanical designer)
Andrea Pianezzola (Chief mechainchal designer)
Valerio Tovo (realization)
Matteo Vicentini (electronics designer and firmware developer)

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