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smileBack was invented with the intent of reaching two goals: the first one is to give back support that follows the lumbar lordosis in every situation, especially for chairs lacking ergonomic design. The second goal is to give to the user indications related to his current posture and his posture history, highlighting bad habits through the dedicated smartphone’s app or website. smileBack can be used as a standalone device and warns the user with little vibrations and sounds when his posture is incorrect or if a break is needed.


Alessandro Oppo e Alessio Ciferri

Alessandro Oppo is a Milanese that would like to run away from Milan, he is into computer science but he’d like to live without a phone, he is an artisan but he’d like to automate everything, he learns something and suddenly he wants to study something else. He is a self-taught person and he likes to fight against every kind of problems until everything works as he wants, often he is good in doing it!
The motto he keeps repeating in his head is: “If they achieve it I can do it too.”
He started the smileBack project because he needed it and he carried out since he had a prototype more than functional. He dealt with the design, the physical realization and the algorithm coding.

Alessio Ciferri is 20 years old and he is studying computer science in Milan. He has chosen this field for passion and curiosity and he quickly discovered that he is good at it. When he is not cycling around the city he develops the app and the website for smileBack, loosing maybe too much time on stylesheets css.
Inside the project, he covers the role of Head of Software Development Global Team also if he is alone.

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