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Draw Bot
Draw Bot

Draw Bot

Draw Bot is a plotter made of recycled materials (structure and mechanism of CD players) and a supporting structure designed and built with the laser cutting machine present in the institute. The project is reproducible with construction costs below 20 euros.
The plotter can capture an image and represent it on a post-it. The image can be sent to the plotter via a common USB cable.
Drow Bot is able to print an image on post-it in about one minute; each visitor can choose the design to be made and take it with him as a souvenir.
The Draw Bot project is open source.

Draw Bot

IIS “G. Vallauri” – Fossano (CN) - Peirone Matteo e Russo Alessandro

"Robotika Vallauri" is a project that was born and developed within the "Vallauri" IIS and whose primary objective is the realization of Robots that respond to pre-established objectives. Spin off of this experience are the activity maker: projects realized by groups of young people who, according to their sensitivity, respond to a thematic challenge proposed by the project teachers, enhancing the skills of the single students who share in the working group become a forge of ideas for the development of future inventions. Peirone Matteo and Russo Alessandro, the authors of Draw Bot, are part of this group. Particularly attentive to the ethical and ecological aspects of the recycling of used materials, the two guys have distinguished themselves within the group for the remarkable technical skills in the realization and programming of robots and maker objects in general. Their work is always a movement of intent perfectly synchronized between the most strictly material part of the construction of the structure and the more technical programming of the same.

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