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Password Wallet
Password Wallet

Password Wallet

Device able to automatically generate and store more than 200 passwords, using the highest security criteria. This allows us to forget all passwords and no more generate or forget them.
The use is very simple: it is equipped with three buttons and a screen that allow us to navigate the menu and customize it.
Once connected to the computer via USB, is detected as a keyboard: this makes it extremely safe.
A client has been developed that extends its management; however it is not mandatory.

Password Wallet

Giacomo Guaresi & Leonardo Santambrogio

Giacomo Guaresi: born in 1998, he studied computer technology at ITIS Pino Hensemberger in Monza (MB), currently works at Interlem srl in Milan.
He loves programming and computer technology, develop projects and solve littles daily problems.

Leonardo Santambrogio: born in 1998, he studied mechanics and mechatronics at TIS Luigi Galvani in Milano, currently works with WeMake (Milan's MakerSpace) and studies. Four years ago he had his first approach with 3D printing and the world of Makers. From that moment he did not abandon it anymore.

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