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Carrozzella multiuso
Carrozzella multiuso

Carrozzella multiuso

The multipurpose wheelchair is an Italian patent that allows the insertion of its feet under the transfer plane and the overlapping of its seat on top of that plane, be it the bed, the car, the toilet, etc.
Seat and back can rotate 180 °, allowing effortlessly and safely to get in the car, get into bed, etc .. on any side.
The seat with extendable legs, has anti-deformed cushion with variable thickness to facilitate transhipment.
A lifting system helps the user to stand up or sit down.

Carrozzella multiuso

DDR Ing. Fabrizio Granieri

Fabrizio Granieri was born in Trani (BT) on May 16th 1970.
Since he is two years old he has been playing with real DIY tools, repairing the toys that break.
From eight,nine years old, he uses all the pocket money or asks Santa for just DIY tools.
Over the years, his propensity has led him to modify and improve these toys, for example by replacing the motor of the cars for the Polistil track with which he plays with friends (winning all the races thanks to the changes made), optimizing the brushes of contacts with the track and by adjusting and lubricating the gears for transmission, lightening the cars and adding weights (Bolts) to better balance them until a front-wheel drive machine is made using the denture resin supplied by a dental technician.
Among the many other modifications that it makes to toys, for example, it transforms the sister's Barbie bathtub into a motor boat, using the engine derived from the water pump of a car's wipers.
Around the age of 11, acquiring more and more practical experience, a reversible battery screwdriver is built using the motor of a windshield wiper.
Eager to learn everything about the world of motors, mechanics and electronics, he attended workshops and laboratories, "stealing" the profession with his eyes.
It also deals with the maintenance of small changes on bicycles, scooters and cars
He graduated as an IT expert.
In 2003 he graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the Polytechnic University of the Marches, and loved to define a "Mechanical Engineer" ever since.
In 2010 he obtained a PhD in mechanical design and biomechanics at the Polytechnic of Bari, specializing in structural optimization of finished elements, acquiring moreover skills in the field of carbon fiber elements also used for aeronautical use.
He lives as a maker when this term did not yet exist.
Acquires knowledge in mechatronics when this term did not exist.
Since 1999 he teaches computer science lab in Secondary Secondary Schools. It also designs and manufactures machinery: tower cranes, wheel washers for lorries, extensions for boring machines, dental implants, etc ...
Today with the development of new technologies, it uses the 3D printer and Arduino very well to speed up the production of prototypes that, in the past, made with any material available but with longer times.
He filed 5 patent applications at the UIBM for two of which, including the multipurpose wheelchair, has obtained the patent, while the other 3 are being examined. He also deposited a PCT for Carica!!!.

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