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energia dalle vibrazioni
energia dalle vibrazioni

energia dalle vibrazioni

Energetically autonomous devices that can be associated with a wide variety of sensors in order to measure and transmit physical quantities to a central control unit.
These devices can be simply placed in different vibrating locations and do not require any wiring for powering or signal transmission. This allows for an easy repositioning in different locations if needed. Sensors obtain the energy necessary for their functions both form ambient light and from vibrations. This energy is employed to power sensors like temperature, humidity, accelerometers; a computing element and a radio transmitter. The data acquired by the sensors is elaborated onboard and transmitted to a central unit. The central unit collects the information from device and displays the results.
The vibration energy is harvested thanks to the exclusive WISEPOWER Technology based on an innovative use of non-linear dynamics of piezoelectric oscillators (patents WO/2008/099437 and US2010207491) inherited from the long-standing research experience developed with NiPS Laboratory at the University of Perugia.
Thanks to this technology the efficiency of the energy conversion mechanisms is significantly increased above 300% compared with traditional linear piezoelectric oscillators.

energia dalle vibrazioni

Valentina Bacchettini

Valentina graduated in Economics at the University of Perugia, holds a PhD in Economics: "Internationalization of SMEs". After a specialization in International Business at Columbia University and some experiences as assistant professor in Microeconomics, in 2008 she started her practice at the Angelantoni Industrie as BDM in renewable sector. Since 2013, she is CEO of Wisepower srl, and founder of EPR Solution in Miami since 2016.

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