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Manii is an interactive and educational game for children from 3 to 6 years old.
It has a playful aspect that helps the learning of the LIS alphabet and the integration deaf-hearing children.
The goal of Manii is to make the integration between deaf children and hearing children better, starting from the kindergarten where the learning is faster and often linked to the gestures.


Giovanni Campana, Ludovica Corti, Marco De Amicis, Saverio Fasanella

We are four students of the second year of the Europe Institute of Design (IED), based in Milan. We are attending the course of Product Design.
From two years we share the passion for the design and the research of new way of thinking and acting.
We are very curious people and always ready of new experience.
We have a good knowledge of the English language and some of us of the german and sign language too.

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