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"HELFY" (HELp For You) was born with the idea of ​​helping elderly people in difficulty at home.
It is made by a bracelet, a video surveillance system and a cloud platform. The bracelet is equipped with a simple button that must be pressed in case the elderly person is in difficulty at home. The bracelet is connected via WiFi to Internet. This will allow the Home Control server to receive the request for help and promptly inform the relatives. The request for help will be forwarded in the form of an email and by telephone call. The system will call all the numbers that have been registered in the Home Control portal. The relatives, once alerted, can see what really happened in the home of the elderly through the video surveillance system, which can be accessed from the portal ControlloCasa. Thanks to video surveillance, relatives will not only be able to ascertain what is happening in real time but will be able to access recorded images of moments prior to the request for help. This significantly reduce false alarms due to erroneous pressure on the Aiutoso bracelet button.
The elderly person will be informed via light signals that his/her request for help has been forwarded and even when some of his/her relatives have correctly received it.
In fact, the notified relative must confirm to the server that she/he has received the request for help. This ensures that the person in difficulty can reassure himself by knowing that someone is intervening to help.

The bracelet is waterproof and can therefore also be used during the bath. The battery life is about 1 year.
The video surveillance system consists of classic WiFi cameras connected to the home router.
The web portal is proprietary.


ControlloCasa srl

Team of Engineers in Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications, with twenty/thirty years experience in the aerospace sector. The team has a great passion for the development of HW and SW projects. We believe a lot in the Internet of Thing and in all its various applications. Many things will change in our daily lives and the idea of ​​being able to give this movement our small contribution fascinates us.

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