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Eye of Horus
Eye of Horus

Eye of Horus

Eye of Horus lets you interact with devices and objects just looking at them. The main application in the current challenge is to improve the work and safety of the NASA ground engineers and astronauts but this device could also make common people's lives easier:

-Disability. People with functional diversity or who is hospitalized could use it to perform tasks which would be impossible due to their reduced mobility.

-Driving safety and control. Thanks to our device, drivers could interact with the radio or car phone with both hands on the wheel. Their eyes could be also monitored to detect drowsiness or lack of attention on the road and prevent a potential accident.

-Entertainment. It could be used as an eye-controlled mouse to play video games and position the targets just looking at them.

Eye of Horus

Makeroni Labs

Makeroni, creative technology, is an association that was born in Zargoza in 2013.

Its main purposes are:

Promote a cooperative work space for the development of new technologies.
Promote the dissemination of new technologies; both of the projects developed by the members of the association, as well as by other people.

For the fulfillment of these purposes, he is working on:

Create and maintain a space, physical or virtual, of cooperative work.
Promote and coordinate the development of technological projects, for companies and individuals, by the members of the association.
Promote the capacities of the members of the association in contests, talks and fairs.
Carry out informative activities for the diffusion of new technologies.

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