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The “MarkAnto” project was started in 2013 after much thought and research on the internet to create a new style of wearing earrings.
Here’s how:
My passion for jewellryand fashion stimulated me to create a catalogue of objects that could be placed on the top half of the ear, with only a clip (not everyone wants their ear to be pierced).
With very few instruments and materials, I started to create the first simple hand made products, which gave me courage to continue.
I made these objects in my spare time and I was very happy when I wore them. I saw that people, especially young people, were interested in my creations.
With my enthusiasm growing I decide to create a brand and to register it under the name of MARKANTINI.
Slowly I began to consider making them with precious metals and so I studied for two years to understand how to work gold and silver.
In 2016 I opened as a sole trader but continued to work from home using Facebook as my showroom. It was only in 2018 that I rented a place in Rome which I transformed into a metal workshop and bought the necessary equipment.
Now my hobby has become my profession. I really believe in my project as my creations contribute to giving the world beauty in the world of art.
What is art? What makes an artisan the person who produces orginal and unique works of art?
Art, according to me, is a talent to show the soul with a paintbrush, a voice, a pen, hands or with one’s body in order to give pleasure, comfort, reawaken interest and get other people to think. I can guarantee that I have put my heart and soul into all this. This is my story and I think I have drawn you into my world of creativity, where design and handywork create unique, marvellous and beautiful objects.



Antoaneta Markova Markova

My name is Antoaneta and I am originally from Varna, Bulgaria.
Born into a modest family during the socialist period, at the age of twenty-seven I finished economics school.
I immediately started working in the marketing sector but I also had a strong passion for design and fashion.
For this reason, in 2004 I moved to Italy, the home of art and design.
The Italian experience has not been easy, I have done works of every kind to be able to cultivate my artistic dream.
Finally, after 12 years of great sacrifices and "doors closed in my face", I managed to build something that would make my dream come true.
Years of research, study and practice have allowed me to improve my techniques and style to realize my dream: now my hobby has become my profession!

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