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"Nothing is created, nothing destroys, everything is transformed", said Lavoisier.
Here then is that in an era in which objects, feelings and dreams last the time of a blink of an eye, 4 women united by the passion for re-use and upcycling decided to mix their metamorphoses of life to tell through the wisdom of their hands the infinite possibilities of metamorphosis of objects.



Beatrice Amodeo - AMOD Unconventional lights & furnitures
Born in Rome, artistic training and degree in Architecture, she practices the profession of architect together with that of designer, merging her design skills with the manual skills she applies to the realization of her design objects.
Observing beauty in poor materials and working them, turning them into objects with natural shapes.
This is how AMOD was born - Unconventional lamps and furnishings.
AMOD seriously plays with light and shapes, modeling and working with unusual materials to make their own nature indecipherable. I'm already different.

Marina Santaniello was born in Rome where she lives and works.
He has a husband, two children, four grandchildren. She is a biologist, but she paid attention to the right side of the brain that led her to graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. The love for painting and for the recovery of objects and materials, led her to paint "paintings" on restored vintage bags, with images that represent the female universe and tell stories of women.
Recently the desire to combine tradition with innovation leads her to take up an object from the past, the "papillon" and to propose it in a new look made with Plexiglas scraps. Thus Plexiglas, a material mainly used in furniture, is decontextualized from its original function and in a game of Duchampian memory takes on new functions.
In this way it becomes a bow-tie or a bow or a belt, timeless accessories in the men's and women's clothing that go with the bags.

Michela Monaco, originally from Irpinia, studied Psychology in Rome where she currently lives and works.
The passion for psychoanalysis is soon intertwined with that for manual arts. From a lively experimentation work through lines, shapes and materials, the Sbottonando creations are born, eco-bijoux that intends to unveil the "unprecedented" soul of buttons and zippers that undress their usual function to reinvent themselves as absolute protagonists of design bijoux unique and sought after.
Michela realizes every creation by hand, allowing the inspiration of the moment to take shape in her hands. An attentive work that intends, therefore, to enhance the diversity-uniqueness of each piece and passionate love for details.
These are the secrets of the brand Sbottonando that, in a very short time, has seen the publication of his works on well-known magazines and participation in prestigious events and popular TV shows ("Paint your live" and "Paint your day" - Real Time; Costume and Society & "- Rai 2;" Top Everything that is trendy "- Rai 1).

Alessandra Mancini lives in Rome where 4 years ago she abandoned her life as an engineer to devote herself to creative work using her hands as a tool and choosing paper as a material. The paper woman is de ned because as the material that has chosen to work "absorbs" external stimuli to grow professionally, it is "resitent" to routine habits, preferring a dynamic thought; with a sometimes "smooth" personality, sometimes "rough" he hopes to write his story on a simple sheet of to see the beauty in the used objects; the cards for her still retain the lifeblood and are never trivial paper using creativity as a source of inspiration! His passion for recycled papers derives from the ability because they have a story to tell, so that a wallpaper can become a lamp that illuminates creativity!

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