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IoT per industria 4.0 e smart building

The design of low-cost sensors and their integration in industrial control systems and in smart buildings is leading to defining fog-computing architectures for fusing local information and for deciding distributed control strategies. This project is related to the development of a multi-sensor platform based on microcontroller and interfaced with fog-computing KosmoServer gateway. For more complex analytics algorithms, data are stored in a MongoDB platform and asynchronously analyzed.

IoT per industria 4.0 e smart building

Stefano Panzieri, Chiara Foglietta, Cosimo Palazzo, Dario Masucci, Riccardo Colelli

Stefano Panzieri is Associate Professor at Department of Engineering of University of “Roma Tre” since 1996 and he is the director of MCIP Lab (Models of Critical Infrastructure Protection Laboratory). His research interests are in the field of industrial control systems, robotics and sensor fusion. Many techniques derived from Fuzzy Logic, Bayesian Estimation (Kalman Filltering) and Dempster-Shafer theory have been developed and applied to the problem of mapping building and vision based localisation.
Chiara Foglietta is not-tenured Assistant Professor at Department of Engineering of University of “Roma Tre”. Her research interests are in the field of control of smart power systems, hierarchical state estimators and information fusion algorithms, especially Evidence Theory. She teaches “Industrial Control Systems” at University “Roma Tre” and at University of Cassino and Southern Lazio.
Cosimo Palazzo is a Ph.D student at the Department of Engineering at the University of “Roma Tre”. His research interests are in the field of Critical Infrastructures (he was involved in designing and developing CISIApro software), On-Line and Off-Line Decision Support Systems, design of control systems and complex IoT-based architectures for Industrial and Home Automation. He collaborates in several European projects.
Dario Masucci is a PhD student at University of “Roma Tre”. In 2015 he received the master degree in Automation engineering. His research interests include multi-objective optimisation algorithms, especially Multi-Criteria Decision Making, energy sustainability, emergency management and building models. From 2015 to 2018 he collaborated in several European projects designing multicriteria decision making algorithms, interdependencies models for Critical Infrastructures and early warning tools for SCADA systems. Currently, he is also working with the Energy Division in the Casaccia research center of ENEA in order to develop innovative anomaly detection tools.
Riccardo Colelli works as jounior reseracher at Department of Engineering of University of “Roma Tre” since 2017 when he received is Master Degree. His research interest are in the field of cybersercurity for industrial control systems, explicitly considering the physical processes and not only the communication protocols.

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