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B4 is a small Robot based on ROS, the project is Open Sorce and Open HW, its name reads "Before", as well as being the quote of the name of a character in a TV series, indicates that it is a "First" version.
The hardware of the project is based on a Pine64 board, running Linux, ROS and all the software needed for operation, a Microsft Kinect used as a depth camera, Arduino for various tasks and a uNav for motor control.
B4 can create a 2D map of the environment, typically an apartment, and navigate independently. Among its capabilities there are those of interacting with other specific devices, such as alarm sensors, environment monitoring, etc.


Roberto D'Amico

Roberto D'Amico started to engage in robots and robotic competitions from high schools, participating in several competitions over the years. Today he continues his passion with the Robotics Officine Association, of which he is a member of the board of directors, with which he organizes events, workshops and courses to spread new technologies using Robotics as a means. At work he deals with software development and system integration.

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