Exhibitors 2018



RIALZOO is a toddler booster seat (12-36 months), entirely made with one of the most interesting and eco-friendly materials - high quality virgin fiber cardboard - for child safety.
RIALZOO is light, transportable, colorful, ecological, resistant, waterproof and easy to clean with a dry cloth.
The intention is to encourage parents to adopt a creative approach. Parents are the first source of inspiration for the child, what they do represents a model of education, especially in the early years of his life, because as our slogan says: "Creating experience starts in childhood“.



Luca Paolo Vasa & Francesco Di Luzio (NOII Design Studio)

Noii DESIGN STUDIO was founded in 2015 by two young designers: Francesco Di Luzio and Luca Paul Vasa. They want to continue an understanding created during the university years, based on a profound respect in each other's abilities and skills.
NOII considers the project as confidence, passion, partnership, cohesion, communication and sharing of ideas. It's a creative moment for the discovery of unexpected points of view of the world.
NOII thinks that the change of points of view means to imagine products that build confident and challenging relationships, activating emotional stimuli.
NOII has a design vision that is expressed through the research of the link between meaning and language, focusing on the ego for defining the identity of Noii.

  D12 (pav. 4)
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