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Legambiente/Plastic Free Beaches/Fishing for Litter Terracina

The project is managed by Legambiente Terracina through the creation of a large network of stakeholders, including schools, public administrations, fishermen organizations, regional marin parks, entrepreneurs, small and ecological businesses, tourist consortia, hotels restaurants and bars, waste management companies, organizing voluntary beach cleaning sessions; raising awareness of swimmers,;monitoring of the analysis of litter on beaches; training operators in the monitoring of beach litter; the spread of bioplastic and ecosustainable innovations in handling plastic waste.

Legambiente/Plastic Free Beaches/Fishing for Litter Terracina

Circolo Legambiente Terracina “Pisco Montano”

Anna Giannetti, Gabriele Subiaco, President and VicePresident- Head of Scientific Dept. of Circolo Legambiente Terracina Pisco Montano

  D18 (pav. 6) - Circolo Legambiente Terracina “Pisco Montano”

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