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Perpetua The Pencil, made with graphite powder repurposed from the industrial processing processes of the electrodes for molding, through an innovative production process, has been the source of inspiration for new production processes that are also innovative.
One of these is g_pwdr Technology, a new and revolutionary way to treat fabrics. Thanks to g_pwdr Technology, the graphite powder recovered and suitably mixed, allows treating with obvious benefits from an industrial and environmental point of view.
Treating with g_pwdr Technology allows you to skip the finishing step, reduce production time, consume 90% less water and 47% less energy than normal dyeing processes.
We would like to present, in addition to Perpetua la Pencil, GRAPHI-TEE, a collection of t-shirts treated using g_pwdr technology.


Susanna Martucci

Susanna Martucci

Classical education, degree in jurisprudence in July 1981 in Bologna.

In 1983 she founded M.83, her first company, Agenzia Generale Mondadori and Walt Disney

In 1994, after the collaboration with Mondadori, she founded ALISEA, a company and art and design gallery that dealed with the promotion of contemporary art and design objects aimed at the world of corporate communication.

In 1997 began her interest in the world of recovery and recycling materials; first design objects have born always aimed at corporate communication made entirely with recycled or recycled materials, supplied by the same client companies.
From that moment on, she focused increasingly on the world of Eco-sustainability and Circular Economy

In 2014 the new brand was born: Perpetua La Matita - we had to invent it
The mission and the focus is innovation in production through innovative production processes patented by Alisea that exclusively use materials from circular economy.
The first Perpetua Pencil was born.

In 2017, a further trademark was registered by g_pwdr, a consequence of the new patent which promotes the production process for the dyeing of textile materials and for the use of waste graphite powder as pigment of the silk-screen printing on paper and fabrics.

Alisea and Perpetua were selected with their objects as testimonials from the Italian Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of the Environment for the Italian Presidency semester in Brussels, the Italian Presidency G7 Italia and G7 Taormina and the Italian Senate.

The new products, called Endorsed by Perpetua, which use the dyeing process of g_pwdr Tecnology, thanks to the contribution of the partner company WRAD called Graphi - Tee and G_Jacket are present at the permanent Exhibition dedicated to the winners of the Reddot Design Awards - Best of the Best in Düsseldorf won in 2017 by Wrad's graphics.

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