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Focus e il problema di Apollonio
Focus e il problema di Apollonio

Focus e il problema di Apollonio

Focus is a block with electro-milled incisions whose design is inspired by the "Apollonius Problem". The problematic node consists in establishing the eight possible circles tangent to three randomly given circles. Experiencing as the feasibility of a candlestick can demand research in every direction and is always a bumpy path. Here, with the object that will be called Focus, a millable material has been found, while the "Problem of Apollonius" has been used for the imagination of an abstract geometric game that recalls but can be drawn and calculated. Getting up to this stage is already satisfying, but if you put together a little 'fantasy, a 3D digital model, a CAD and a CNC, from pure abstraction you can go down on the ground with an object, for example a candlestick. One way, among many, to try to provide pleasure and emotion.

Focus e il problema di Apollonio

Felice Ragazzo,

Between 1955 and 1960, Professor Felice Ragazzo tackled the first studies of artistic and handicraft direction at the Acqui Terme State School of Art. In the same period he gained first craft work experience at the family company. In 1962 he obtained the Diploma of "Master of Art for Wood and Furniture" at the Bologna State Institute of Art.

Later, Professor Felice Ragazzo has gained professional, cultural and technical experience in various fields of wood-material applications. Among these, he has practiced above all those related to construction, restoration, furniture, design, models, showing, starting from the mid-80s, sensitivity towards technological innovation related to automatic design and operations at command numeric. He has always cultivated interest in geometry, intended as a design language. Teaching is the prevailing professional commitment, currently carried out at university institutions. He has participated in exhibitions of objects and geometric machines. He has published specialist essays related to wood, geometry and design.

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