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Design to Make
Design to Make

Design to Make

For this edition of the Maker Faire Rome, the Sapienza exhibition space, called “Design to Make”, will be organised into different active areas where visitors can actively learn and experiment by using things, technologies, materials and ideas developed by researchers, professors and students from a different areas (from Design, to Engineering, to Humanities)

The Design area will be divided into 2 sub-areas:
_ Make Material

In this area visitors will find interactive projects about multi-sensorial experience with new materials made up from natural and waste resources, learning about recycling and circular design. The main goal is to shift the perception of the materials we use in our life by giving visitors tools to reuse, recycle and create new materials from everyday objects.
The curator of that area is the Design Material Lab, a team of students of the Master of Science of Product Design. The academic referee is Prof. Sabrina Lucibello, professor of the master course “Designing Materials”.

_ Make Experience
In this area, visitors will find interactive prototypes based on IoT technologies. The prototypes are designed to improve the usability of urban spaces, with a special focus on Rome as a case study. The projects will show how new technologies and Big Data can be used as design means to improve and share knowledge among communities.
The curator of that area is the Sapienza Design Factory. The team is composed by the students of Master of Science of Product Design. The referees of the proposal are Prof. Lorenzo Imbesi and Prof. Andrea Vitaletti, directors of the course “‘DesignIN’ Rome - Design for the temporary communities”.

Design to Make

Loredana Di Lucchio, Sabrina Lucibello, Lorenzo Imbesi, Andrea Vitaletti

Loredana Di Lucchio
Graduate in Architecture, Ph.D. in Design with a focus on Strategic Design. In Sapienza, she currently teaches at the Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design and at the International Master of Science in Product Design; she is the Coordinator of the International Master of Science in Product Design, she is Didactic Coordinator of the First Level one-year Master in 'Product Design for Rapid Manufacturing'. Member of the Academic Council of the Second Level one-year Master in 'User Experiences; the Steering Committee of the Interdepartmental Center 'Sapienza Design Research'. She is Scientific Coordinator of the Research Laboratory "Sapienza Design Factory", Research Supervisor of the Laboratory of ‘Usability and Accessibility’ which is focused on Design for User-Experiences, in particular on the usability of digital technologies.

Sabrina Lucibello
Sabrina Lucibello is an Architect, PhD and Researcher Professor in Industrial Design. She is continually involved in scientific research and applied experimentation work in the Department of Planning, Design and Architectural Technology at Sapienza University in Rome in the specific area of Industrial Design ICAR 13, focusing in particular on matters regarding design materials, developing technology transfer operations of materials and technologies for the realization of new concepts of artifacts. She founded the MaterialdesignLab and the national network Design4materials.

Lorenzo Imbesi
Dr. Lorenzo Imbesi is an architect, with a PhD in Environmental Design, and a Professor at Sapienza University of Rome in Rome, Italy. Previous to his position at Sapienza, he was Associate Professor at Carleton University, School of Industrial Design (Ottawa, Canada). He is a critic and essayist for many reviews, and is currently Co-Director of the magazine DIID – Disegno Industriale. He has also served as a keynote speaker and coordinator for several international conferences and curated design exhibitions and events. His interests include the impact of new technologies and artifacts on design culture--especially its critical expressions and theoretical inter/trans/post-disciplinary implications with regard to our contemporary knowledge society and the social, cultural, and ethical.

Andrea Vitaletti
Andrea Vitaletti earned a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from SAPIENZA University of Rome in 2002. He is currently an Assistant professor in networking and Algorithmic topics at DIAG, the Department of Computer, Control, and Management Engineering Antonio Ruberti. He has (co-)authored more than 35 papers in journals and international conferences. His current research interests concern the design and the analysis of efficient algorithms and protocols for resource-constrained networks and their application to wireless sensor networks. He has been a reviewer for several international conferences and journals and PC member of some international conferences. In 2012 he founded WSENSE a spin-off of the Univerity of Rome "La Sapienza". The effectiveness of his applied research activity is witnessed by 2 patents and 4 patent applications and awards. He leads a research group in the Wireless Sensor Networks lab at DIS.

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