Exhibitors 2018

Lightnings as power source

My project's objective is to use the energy of a lightning for domestic purpose.
The all, using a simulation in scale of the natural phenomenon and a resonant circuit of spark gap type, takes care of transforming the energy into a megnetic field. This field then can be used (like in trasformers) to induce a current into a cable called secondary. At this point, with a series of regulations it is possible to use the energy of the light to power household items. The used trasformer is of type: Tesla Coil.

Lightnings as power source

Pignataro Matteo

I'm Pignataro Matteo, and I'm studying IT at ITIS S. Cannizzaro school in Rho.
My passion for electronics brought me to create this system.
In particular I'm a big fan of Nikola Tesla and for that I created a Tesla Coil which i use to convert the energy.

  F26 (pav. 6) - Pignataro Matteo

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