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53xLIDAR: solid state lidar
53xLIDAR: solid state lidar

53xLIDAR: solid state lidar

53xLIDAR is a community made, completely solid state, LIDAR with open source hardware and software.
Unlike the common mechanical LIDARs, a solid state LIDAR does not suffer from mechanical wear, doesn't produce vibrations, is extremely small and low power and has an affordable cost.
The sensing is done by a 16 Time-of-Flight sensor array. The data is shared to the robot via UART.
It doesn't provide a static measure of the environment, instead is designed for dynamical applications, in which the movement of the robot allows more angular resolution, through interpolation and SLAM techniques.

53xLIDAR: solid state lidar

Mauro Mombelli, Valerio Nappi

Mauro, age 29, keen on robotics and computer science, currently is developing professional UAV firmware for a German company.
Valerio, age 23, has always been passionate about electronics, currently is studying electrical engineering at Politecnico di Milano.
They meet each other in the Arduino communities online, first on the forum and then in the @genuino Telegram group.
Mauro engaged on the firmware and software side, Valerio dedicated to electronics and mechanics, are already on the third project of their successful and natural collaboration.

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