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RepRap Reloaded

RepRap Reloaded

The RepRap Reloaded project aims at exploring and challenging the mechanical and control limits of open source 3D printers. The result is a robot that expands the concept of Delta and aims at optimizing materials and computing resources. Several years of experimentation on the different 3D printer architectures have led to an innovative product both from the geometrical point of view, using an anti-prismatic frame, and the control electronics, based on a HAT board for the Raspberry Pi.

RepRap Reloaded


Wrecklab is an engineering space and the ideal partner for the development of high-tech solutions. The team, Marco and Stefano, offers several years of experience in design and development of custom electronics, robotics and automation products.

Marco received his Electronics Engineering Degree cum laude from University of Tor Vergata, Rome. He's currently an Avionics Design Engineer at Ampyx Power, a Dutch leading company in the Airborne Wind Energy sector. He has a a true maker attitude and he likes to develop DYI projects in his spare time, such as Quadrotors and 3D printers. When he's not tinkering with side projects he likes photography and travels.

Stefano received his Aerospace Engineering degree from Politecnico di Milano. He works at Ampyx Power B.V. where he designs mechatronics components for airborne wind energy systems. In his spare time he loves to tinker with electronics and new technologies, kitesurfing and climbing.

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