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Led Hockey Game
Led Hockey Game

Led Hockey Game

The game is similar to air hockey game, where the playfield is laid horizontal and the players are on the opposite sides.
The playfield is constituted of RGB leds that are lighted in a manner to simulate a moving disk and obstacles. The playfield can be transported making a roll and inserting it in a plastic tube.
Players’s smartphones connected via bluetooth are used to interact with game via onboard sensors data. The game can be multiplayer each one with his smartphone and the ball change colour to indicate the player. It is able to host other similar 2D games.

Led Hockey Game

main author: Mario D’Ettorre, co-author: Armando Altieri, Roberto Seghini, Mariarosaria Emanuele, Alessandro Morello - the IoT team @ TecnoStudio Ars Innova

Heterogeneus friend's team and entusiastic makers. Mario D'Ettorre master's degree in electronic engineering, has extensive experience in electronic design, in 1990 was part of the development team of the first prototype of the guidance and control system of the Vega launcher for small satellites, currently in production. Now in Poste Italiane deals with the technological infrastructure of the Data Centers and is the President of the thematic Commission dedicated to Data Centers at the Order of Engineers of the Province of Rome. Armando Altieri, electronic engineer degree, optoelectronics expertise, last 12 years as IT System Engineer and Cloud Specialist in IT dept of Poste Italiane. Roberto Seghini, electronic tecnician, huge experience into electronic development, past 30 years as network specialist and hw architect in IT dept of Poste Italiane. Mariarosaria Emanuele, architecture degree, 20 and more years of experience into architectural and 3D design, now freelance Architect in Rome and Lamezia Terme area. Alessandro Morello, electronic engineer degree, Senior IT Architect, past 22 years worked in several major player of digital era, now in IT dept of Poste Italiane.

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