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In Codice Ratio

In Codice Ratio

In Codice Ratio is a research project that aims at developing novel methods and tools to support content analysis and knowledge discovery from large collections of historical documents. The goal is to develop novel tools to conduct data-driven studies over large historical sources. The project concentrates on the collections of the Vatican Secret Archives. We are developing a full-fledged system to automatically transcribe the contents of the manuscripts. We have designed a principled solution that relies on convolutional neural networks and statistical language models.

In Codice Ratio

Paolo Merialdo, Donatella Firmani

Paolo Merialdo is professor at Università degli Studi Roma Tre from 2006. His research interests include knowledge discovery from unstructured data and data management for Web data. He is co-founder of InnovAction Lab, an entrepreneurship program for university students, and he serves as Advisor at the LuissEnlabs accelerator in Rome.

Donatella Firmani got her PhD at Sapienza University, with a thesis on large scale graph algorithms. She was a visiting student at AT&T Labs with a Visitor Grant from Rutgers University. During her stay, she learned to love data management. Donatella is currently a post-doc at Roma Tre Computer Engineering in the Big Data & Databases research group, where she works on data integration and knowledge extraction.

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