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Folding Pets
Folding Pets

Folding Pets

Folding Pets are colorful 3D sculptures of faceted animals. They are "do it yourself" assembly kits, that you can cut, fold and paste to build on your own. It is a game, a pastime, and once assembled it will be a wonderful decoration for your home. The 3D sculptures are obtained starting from a 2D materials. You will also find big size animals like the 2 meters tall giraffe and her friends and more previously unreleased creations

Folding Pets

Pellegrino Cucciniello

Pellegrino Cucciniello is an industrial designer and digital craftsman
specializing in 3D printing and digital fabrication. As a designer,
he worked for design firms where he developed design products for many Italian
and international brands. He worked in set design for TV&Cinema productions.
He specialized in digital fabrication, using tools such as 3D printing, laser cutting
and CNC milling machines for prototyping, small productions, exhibitions,
sculptures, works of art, furniture and unique pieces. Today he offers design
and consulting services,while as a digital craftsman, he realizes personal
projects using the possibilities of 3D modeling applied to new production
and manufacturing techniques.

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