Exhibitors 2018


"Bee&Bee" project starts with the aim of satisfying the need of comfort, relax and privacy in public places. The service is thought for a large segment of clients who, for necessity need to pass a long time in public places (airports, stations, hospitals). Bee&Bee's solution consists of a relax cell equipped with a bed, a smart TV, a stereo system, Wi-Fi and a battery charger for smartphones. The development activity of the capsule harmonyzes design, modularity and polifunctionality of spaces with the integration of current technologies that allow the user's interaction with the web and with digital entertainment at a competitive cost and with a vast offer.

Alessandro Canulli, Roberta Scopetti, Francesca Pallotta, Simone Saracino

Alessandro Canulli graduated with a Bachelor degree in Economics and Business Studies and in the past he had experience in the field of small-scale entrepreneurship.
Roberta Scopetti and Francesca Pallotta graduated with a Bachelor degree in Architectural Sciences and they are currently graduate students in Architectural Design.
Simone Saracino graduated with a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering, he is currently a graduate student in Aeronautical Engineering and he is a coworker in a naval design studio.

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