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xFarm is a platform that helps farmers run their farms by improving data management and creating all the documents that are now essential in a simple and intuitive way. It does so through a free farm management software in the cloud, also including xSense IoT field sensors collecting real-time data, and sending information and alerts about the crops in xFarm, so to be able to anticipate possible pathologies and save on irrigation and use of pesticides. xFarm includes an open App store for value added services, such as irrigation advice through satellite imagery, blockchain traceability, finances, and much more.


Matteo Vanotti

Matteo Vanotti – Founder – B.Sc Electrical Engineering and M.Sc Industrial Engineering – Over 15 years of experience as Farmer and implementing innovative solutions on farm processes. Having also 10 years’ experience in IT Project Management working on IT Implementation projects.

Alain Valsangiacomo – Head of Agronomy – MSc in Agricultural Sciences - 8 years of experience in agri-environmental modeling and data management

Salvatore Ferullo – Head of IT – Development head in different end-to-end IT projects and data analysis expert

Andrea Moroni Stampa – Head of IoT – 10 Year of experience in IT project management, Services and IoT Integration

Lucas Marchesini – Head of Commercial– Engineer & MBA, with 20+ years of international experience in hi-tech sectors, 10 years’ experience in business management of SME's for organization, product strategy and innovation. Founder of a startup in electronics.

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