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Nuovi prodotti funzionali da frutta disidratata

The present study, commissioned by the aforementioned business network, aims to identify the essential elements for the design and development of dried fruit production, dried fruit snacks and other processed dried fruit products.Based on the surveys carried out in this study, it is estimated that the amount of fresh fruit wasted in the Sabina region is approximately 2,050,500 kg/year and that waste happens predominantly during field sorting. The study examined the applicability in the Sabina context of the solar energy fuelled sustainable technology, which was the result of Mieri's research project, promoted by MIPAAF.

Nuovi prodotti funzionali da frutta disidratata


- The Fruit Farm Network is a network of companies operating in the fruit sector and currently consists of 54 farms.
The purpose of the Network is to make the Participating Companies collaborate in order to increase, individually and collectively, their competitiveness, with particular regard to the development and enhancement of the fruit production of the participating companies, the enhancement of the territory in all its forms as well as activities connected to these and instrumental.

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