Exhibitors 2018

"Orto di Classe a LED"

A real small Kitchen Garden for schools and students to see a plant grow in the class from seed to the harvest, completing a complete cycle . A technology developed for an experiment on the international space station, with structures for growing indoor and outdoor and patented LED photosynthesis stimulators from space a space experiment that replace the sun.

Renato Reggiani

Renato Reggiani, from Rome, 49 years old, is a science journalist, Maker, Founder and CEO of BioPic, the innovative startup that is revolutionizing the domestic and urban cultivation techniques with the invention of a modular system that can grow fruits and vegetables in kitchen without natural light. Director of UniversiNet Network, a monthly online magazine about university, research, and new technologies,. He has been experimenting and studying for over 10 years, between Italy and the Netherlands, the most innovative organic cultivation techniques to bring back the earth and domestic agriculture in the city and into our homes.

  E4 (pav. 9)
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