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Future Food Zone

Future Food Zone

Future Food Zone represents the heart of "food revolution", an area that sees the relationship between food and technology as a driving force for change and a key tool to create a healthier and more sustainable world. An area animated by innovative startups, events, and laboratories, where you can discuss topics related to the future of the agri-food sector: the circular economy, the protection of the oceans and the environment, the new professions related to food, the relationship between nutrition and health, the relationship between food and neuroscience.
The journey in the Future Food Zone will concern the relationship between man and the environment, man-oceans, man-culture, man-science and man-technology through the fil rouge of FOOD.
Green Life Lab
In 2050 almost 70% of the world's population will live in the city, and the most urgent problem is the following: how can the harmonic relationship between man and nature be recovered? With solutions that, thanks also to the most stimulating technological innovations, will allow us to rediscover the facets, the life and even the senses of the environment that surrounds us. This lab is the place where ecology and sustainability evolve into new shades of authentic contact with the natural ecosystem.
Ocean Lab
We are in a world where oceans are increasingly affected by pollution. The main problem is plastic: it’s getting much more invasive. One of the most important challenges for Future Food is to oppose the over-consumption of these materials. While on one hand there have been cases of companies that have succeeded in turning waste into resources (such as EcoAlf, discovered during the Food Innovation Global Mission), from another it is essential to educate people to respect the "good health" of the oceans. This is why Ocean Lab was created, the space of sustainability for our Blue Planet.
Food Alchemist Lab
New drinks with super-curative, ultra-personalized powers created by microbiologists, chefs and experts in toxicology and nutrition that experience ancient traditions of fermentation, but also the application of neurosciences that show us how food impacts not only on the health of the body but also on our emotions. All this is Food Alchemist Lab, an experience between science and food, but also between tradition and innovation.
Food Makers Lab
Food innovation means, among other things, how new technologies change the way of cooking, raw materials and the shape in which food is transformed and becomes a graphic concept to be presented directly on our dishes and the way to approach food through new technologies. Here is the perfect area to discover all the news in the hi-tech field and enjoy the food revolutions that will arrive on our table from here to the next years.
we will also have:
HACKATHON: Future Food, thanks to its experience with over 20 hackathons in assets organized around the world, proposes an unmissable event in Maker Faire Rome in collaboration with MIUR. This is a hackathon that will involve high school students in a three-day creative marathon that aims to stimulate entrepreneurship, team work, the ability to prototype and validate an idea with the aim of sensitizing the new generations on topics related to Food and Climate Change, encouraging them to find innovative solutions.

In addition to the projects presented inside the domes and within the panels, even this year there will be startups exhibiting their creations in a series of stands located in the Future Food Zone.


Future Food Zone

Future Food Institute

Founded in 2014 in Bologna, Future Food Institute is today an entire ecosystem that makes food innovation a key tool to face the great future challenges, speaking to the world, but enhancing the territory starting from Italy. Future Food Institute ecosystem is a non-profit Trust that, thanks to the precious global partnerships, has given life to the international Food Innovation Program master, now in its third edition, the Food Innovation Global Mission, a Summer School, a Young Talent Academy, laboratories for primary schools and paths for Executive.
A real platform of positive contamination and constant inspiration that gave life to in 2015 Future Food Accelerator, an innovative startup created to support companies in the agri-food sector and institutions in open innovation paths and to feed the community of young entrepreneurs or scientists with "disruptive" ideas.
A group of companies and places of innovation that today includes:
Future Farm (Ravenna), a real, 70-hectare farm that becomes a playground for AgTech startups;
Future Food Urban Coolab (Bologna), nourishment space for the body and mind, born to welcome hundreds of students every day and designed with students, a permanent and operational laboratory on FOOD INNOVATION in the heart of the city, Bologna, able to offer a traditional food, healthy food, and a community service, stimulating critical thinking and participation of all
Officucina (Reggio Emilia) Laboratories and home of the Master Food Innovation Program;
Future Food USA (San Francisco), the American headquarters of the group.

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