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Flick on Food
Flick on Food

Flick on Food

With Flick on Food, you can experience first hand different local food varieties and a food culture without borders. The project meets different user needs: it’s a wiki food app built on traditional knowledge, made to explore ingredients on the go. It’s food commerce for buying Food Experiences, products made with special ingredients, custom Food Boxes, and products around food (books, fashion, design). It’s a VR-based platform for buying and using experiential packages beyond the limits of physical space (like in airports or other non-places). The main targets are Millennials who like healthy, organic food and care about where it comes from, as well as all foodies and travel lovers. Flick on Food is the only food hub that focuses on ingredients and local varieties. It is working toward an alternative distribution system within the food and tourism industries through virtual reality. Its network spans 50 producers and food ambassadors, as well as a thriving community of contributors.

Flick on Food

Michela Di Nuzzo e Leopoldo Mauriello

Michela Di Nuzzo: Has collaborated with Finmeccanica, il Sole 24 Ore and was responsible for the social media strategy of brands such as Lottomatica, Barilla and Yoox. Co- founder of Dotfarm and Flick On Food.
Leo Mauriello: Planned the first fashion blogs network in Italy. Co- founder of DoYouApp Ltd, that realized Cheeky Chat (100k £. seeding from EXAGON / Samsung). He is co-founder of Doftarn and Flick on Food

  E5 (pav. 4) - Michela Di Nuzzo e Leopoldo Mauriello

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