Exhibitors 2018


Must-ICE stems from the demand for artisan ice-cream shops to monitor variations in ice-cream temperatures during transport: an increase can lead to a loss of quality, an essential value for a craft product. M.ICE is the innovative system that monitors the temperature and humidity of the tanks in the Polibox®.
M.ICE transmits data to the Ubidots platform, in real time via wireless directly on smartphone, sending an alert if the temperature deviates from the optimal value. Delivery with M.ICE is a guarantee of product quality.



Studenti del I anno dell'ITS AGRO

The prototype was designed by the students of the ITS path for Certifications and the enhancement of agri-food and agro-industrial companies during the DESIGN THINKING workshop.
Students attend the first year of the course and carry out the laboratories of technological innovation on commission from companies and realize the prototypes with the support of professionals and experts.

  C4 (pav. 9) - Unioncamere - ITS AGRO Viterbo

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