Exhibitors 2018

eBike Solar Mobile Charger

A prototype of a mobile battery charging station powered by solar energy to be replicated for a fleet of electric bikes that can be used for events (fair, festival, sporting event, concert, touristic tours, etc.) and defined time periods or seasonal, connected to a data collection point for the optimization of service and maintenannce. This solution connected to a supervision system should allow the monitoring of the station's functionalities, its positioning for the recovery and maintenance operations, the assessment of the bike flows for the optimization of the location in the territory and the control of the parameters of the station itself.


eBike Solar Mobile Charger

Fondazione ITS Energia e Ambiente - Efficienza Energetica. Progetto ITS 4.0 'eBike Solar Mobile Charger'

ITS for technical training are new institutions in the Italian Educational System. They provide a post-secondary educational high-level and a 5 EQF level qualifications. ITS "Energia e Ambiente" provides training courses in the field of Energy and Environment and its main area of interest is Energy Efficiency. Founded in 2010, it is a Foundation formed of 30 members such as secondary schools, universities, VET agencies, private companies and local public authorities to create an innovative educational system based on proper a real integration between Education, Training and Labour Market. It also develops training and technology transfer towards SMEs. ITS “Energia e Ambiente” provides courses at postsecondary education high-level for the management and verification of energy systems. Our courses are analogous to University ones, but with closer relationship with the private companies. Their duration is shorter than an university course with the key role of the laboratory activities. Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Sources, Climate and the Environment and New Technologies are the main topics of the training area.

  D1 (pav. 9) - ITS Energia e Ambiente - Efficienza Energetica

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